Lions win first game of season over Vikings 34-24 Sunday. Saturday night during Michigan/Notre Dame game, Eminem interviewed in the booth by Brent Musburger and looking somewhat spaced out and bizarre. Some people think it was real but of course it was all an act to help promote his new album “Berzerk”. Duh! (btw…Brent looks like he’s been eating a few too many Burgers!)


Charlie Rose’s interview with Syrian President Assad airs tonight on PBS. Rose gave a sneak peak saying Assad denied using chemical weapons on his own people. 

- Well I sure didn’t see that one coming. 

- Assad was going to appear on “The View” but he was afraid the girls’ questions would be too tough. 


Iowa is now granting gun permits to blind people. 

- I didn’t see that one coming either. 

- Whoever came up with this plan must have been as loaded as the guns. 


Brazil wants to know why the NSA has been spying in their country. 

- Two words: Brazillian women. 


Meanwhile John Kerry continues to make a case for action against Syria, saying it “will not involve boots on the ground”. 

- So basically the entire US military spent the weekend at Payless, looking for sandals. 


A prison in California has announced that they will allow same sex marriages between inmates and “non-incarcerated” partners. Inmate to Inmate marriage is not allowed. 

- They’re afraid having married couples in prison together could lead to some nasty fights in the yard. 

- So technically gay inmates can marry male hookers from “the outside”…giving a whole new meaning to the “Pros and the Cons”. 


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