Welcome to the weekend and my latest Podcast (#92)! Today Jackie and I welcome fellow former radio guy Lou Roberts back to the mic. As we found out last week, Lou not only has a great voice - he’s got great fingers, too! He’s sort of like a balding, round, 5’6” version of Liberace without the “glamorous” outfits and the Gay part…(Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and proves it on the Purtan Family piano conveniently located in the Purtan Family living room, just around the corner from the Purtan Family dining room, (aka Podcast central).

Lou’s musical opening naturally leads us to the current dance craze “Twerking”. (And people thought the Macarena was annoying…)

I’ll tell you why I prefer having a “Dumbphone” to a “Smartphone”…and Lou & Jackie offer up their dislike of “Texting Abbreviations”. (OMG! i mean, WTH…r u w/ me? LOL)

Plus we’ll tell you what NOT learning to write in cursive can do to kids brains; how a computer hack-job ended with my daughter JoAnne receiving an email invite to try a male-enhancement product…from her sister Jackie, and the one thing Lou won’t do in the bathroom. (Let’s just say he’s not into butt dialing.)

I’ll also tell you about the latest feature to hit Facebook that could have you and Vladimir Putin sharing family photos, and we’ll tell you about a new study that reveals what sports fans are most likely to do when their favorite team loses. 

We end on a high note…literally…as Lou heads back to the piano and “plays us out”. 

So grab you’re candelabra and click on over to Podcast #92!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday with my regular blog…


Purtan Podcast #92  (33:49)