Congratulations to the Tigers for clinching the American League Central Championship Title for the 3rd year in a row!!! Last night they beat the Twins 1-0, with Max Scherzer getting his 21st win of the season! It was also Jim Leylands 700th win as Tiger Manager! 


OJ Simpson has been busted again…this time for something he did in the Hooscow. The Juice, who reportedly weighs upwards of 300 pounds, was caught with about a dozen oatmeal cookies stuffed under his shirt. He lifted them from the Prison Cafeteria. 

- He says he needed the cookies to help him in his bid to win the Prison’s coveted “Biggest Thighs-man Trophy”.

- Amazing… he gets away with double murder, but can’t manage to put a cookie in his pants without getting caught.


British researchers are recommending that psychologists extend the term “adolescence” to people up to 25 years instead of the traditional 18. They claim MRI”s show the human brain is not fully developed until someone reaches their mid-20’s.

- Great. Now your 23-year-old can say he’s moving back into your basement because his “brain is isn’t done developing”.

- The study was obviously conducted by a bunch of 25 year old slackers.


A Cardinal at the Vatican said that because Jesus made brief statements that were full of meaning, He was the first Tweeter before there was Twitter.

- This explains the passage in the Bible that reads: “Just saw bunch of Roman Soldiers @JerusulemMall. Gross. Going to Starbucks. #SonofGodNeedsCoffee.

- The hardest part was carving all 140 characters into that stone tablet.


Showtime is launching a new, rather graphic show called “Masters of Sex”. It’s a series that follows the lives and work of Masters & Johnson.

- To update it, they’ve added a couple gay guys who will be known as “Johnson & Johnson”.


Charlie Sheen was in court this week to report for jury duty.

- He showed up in an orange jump suit and automatically went over and sat down at the defense table.  


The U.S. Postal Service has been named one of the countries most trusted companies. 

- That could change, since a whole bunch of completed survey’s got lost in the mail. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday with an all new Podcast! (#95)