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Welcome to the weekend, a new Podcast, and a brand-spankin' new Website! We decided to change things around a bit, freshen things up, and give you what we hope you'll find to be a more "user friendly" experience. (You dealing with the DMV). 

And who is more "user friendly" than today's special guest and possibly the most argumentative person this side of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former "Purtan's Person" Jim Ochs! 

Jim worked for years on my show doing voices like Casey Kasem and White Fang, plus participating in many "spirited" conversations in the studio - most of which occurred during songs or commercials when the mics were off.  Jim has an opinion on EVERYTHING which makes for some interesting listening! 

We go from the Tigers clinching the AL Central Division to Obamacare to Britney Spears in Vegas. We also talk about Google's claim that soon we'll be able to download our whole brains onto a computer. (Mine would fit on an I-Pod Nano).  

From who should play Johnny Carson on a new NBC mini-series, to should the Washington Redskins be forced to change their team nickname, we cover it all. 

So check out the new website and listen to Jim look for the tarnished silver-lining in the clouds during Podcast #95!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with our new-looking regular blog! 



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