Former President George W. Bush (#43) underwent successful surgery at a Dallas hospital Tuesday to place a stent in a blocked artery. 

- He said he’s feeling good and will now be referred to as “The Stent-en-a-tor”.

- He’s now eligible to play in Dick Cheney’s “Blocked Artery Poker Game” every Tuesday.  


FYI…In the Detroit Mayoral Primary, write-in candidate Mike Duggan won with about 53% of the vote; Benny Napoleon came in second with 30%. The two will face off against each other in November. 


Anthony Weiner refused to release his medical records or get a certification of mental fitness, but insists that he is fit for office. 

- Shouldn’t his wife Huma be the one taking the mental health evaluation? 


AccuWeather has unveiled a new 45-day weather forecast. 

- Pretty amazing for people who can’t accurately predict whether it’s going to rain this afternoon. 


Due to Russia’s decision to grant NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum, President Obama has cancelled a scheduled meeting in Moscow with Vladimir Putin next month. 

- Obama rushed to get the news out before Snowden had a chance to leak it. 

- In his place, Dennis Rodman has already packed his bags and bought a bottle of Vodka as a Kremlin-Warming gift. 


Asked if the ousting of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was a coup, a US State Department spokeswoman said, “We have determined that we do not need to make a determination.”

- Well, you gotta admit they’re determined. 


There’s a new app created in Japan designed to help women lose weight. It features men that make insulting comments. 

- It’s intended for singles, since most married women already have a guy who fufilled that role. 


Sewer workers in London found a lump of fat the size of a double-decker bus clogging the sewage system.

- This is what happens when American celebrities sneak off to England for liposuction.


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