Stanford University researchers say that every man on the planet can trace their origin to a single man who lived 135,000 years ago. 

- So apparently cavemen could figure out how to make fire…but condoms? Not so much. 

- Ironically, he told his wife he didn’t want kids. 

 - He’s also the first guy to ever ask his wife to make him a Woolly Mammoth sandwich with mustard and mayo.


“Little Red” a domestic off-shoot of Virgin Airlines will begin providing in-flight stand-up comedy and musical acts on their flights between England and Scotland. 

- $5 bucks says the first comic says, “I’m flying from England to Scotland…and boy are my arms tired!” 

- Virgin owner Robert Branson says he guarantees passengers will be “rolling in the aisle”. 



After decades of rising, obesity rates among preschooolers fell from 2008 to 2011. 

- It’s not that the kids ate less, it’s just that like their parents, they threw up after watching so many episodes of “Dora the Explorer”. 

- The news has prompted TV producers to rename a popular show, “The Tele-Not-So-Tubbies”. 


A Japanese company has created a toilet that can be flushed with a cell phone. 

- This gives a whole new meaning to “butt dialing”. 

- I guess using the handle on the toilet was just too much to ask of people. 


The porn company that porduced Deep Throat is suing the makers of the new movie biopic “Lovelace” for infringing on their intellectual property. 

- If porn is “intellectual property”…then Charlie Sheen should be the President of Mensa. 


ABC News editor Don Emmis, who decided he was transgender in 1999 and began living as a woman named Donna, suddenly realized he had amnesia and is really a man. He/She has stopped wearing dresses and switched back to the name Don. 

- Don said he’s holdin on to his collection of designer pums and matching bags…just in case. 

- The news has given Cher hope that someday her son Chaz may actually wear the wedding dress she save for her daughter Chastity.


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- Dick