A new book claims that Marilyn Monroe called Jackie Kennedy and confessed that she was having an affair with JFK. 

- She was actually calling to have phone sex with John, but Jackie happened to pick up.

- Experts don’t know why Marilyn didn’t just talk to Jackie in person since she was staying in the Lincoln Bedroom at the time. 

- Some people claim she was also sleeping with LBJ. I don’t think even Lady Bird wanted to sleep with LBJ. 


President Obama celebrated his 52nd birthday on Sunday. 

- Now even Obama is starting to wonder about the alleged “Death Panels” in Obamacare. 

- The whole staff at Fox News chipped in and got him one of those free Obama phones. 


For the second time in a month, accused murdered and NFL player Aaron Hernandez has lost a relative to a “freak accident”. His Uncle died after crashing his Moped and he was not wearing a helmet. 

- The Hitmen Hernandez hired said the hardest part of the job was convincing Aaron’s Uncle not to wear a helmet. 


Ellen DeGeneres has been chosen as the next host of the Oscars.

- Producers say she funny, popular and there’s no way a bunch of guys are gonna dance around singing, “We Saw Your Boobs”. 


Just days after leaving rehab, Lindsay Lohan has vowed to “stay on the road to recovery”. 

- The only way Lindsay’s gonna stay on any road is if she hires a driver. 


A new MLB report out later today is expected  to suspend Alex Rodriguez possibly for all time, and 50 other players, including Tiger Johnny Peralta, for 50 games or more for using PED’s. 

- That will give them plenty of time to bulk up on steroids in preparation for next year’s home opener. 

- A lot of baseball fans are upset with A-Rod who they now refer to as A-Somthing Else. 


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