Anthony Weiner was involved in a minor car crash in NYC. 

- Apparently he was looking at his GPS at the time…his Global Penis Satellite. 


It’s now being reported that some NSA employees spied on their love interests. 

- That’s why Anthony Weiner took so many pictures of his penis.


Miley “Hannah Montana” Cyrus is still taking heat for her over-the-top sexually charged performance at Sunday Night’s MTV Video Awards.  Even while the performance was going on she broke the record for the most tweets about a celebrity per minute at 306,000.

- Anthony Weiner still holds the record of most tweets sent by a pervert per minute at 206,000.  

- Walt Disney was spinning so fast in his grave people thought it was a new ride. 


Secretary of State John Kerry declared that it’s “undeniable” that Syria has chemical weapons. 

- His first clue came when he saw the cannisters marked “Chemical Weapons” lying around the scene of the attack. 


Canadians are the most active Facebook users in the world. 

- It’s a nice break from watching hockey. 

- It’s a nice break from drinking beer. 


A man in Colorado wants marijuana to be classified as a vegetable. 

- Well that’s one way to get your teenagers to eat healthy! 

- Ironically, the guy pushing the idea has smoked so much marijuana he actually is a vegetable. 


Taylor Swift’s childhood home in Reading, PA is for sale. 

- It comes with the teeter-totter she sat on when she broke up with her pre-school boyfriend.

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