The Obama Administration is facing criticism after revealing exactly when the US will launch it’s retaliatory military attack on Syria for using Chemical weapons on it’s own people, and even naming the types of missiles that will be used in the attack. 

- Syria’s leaders called to thank the Prez saying the info will allow them to firm up their vacation plans. 

- Looks like the White House beat Edward Snowden to the punch! 

- TIP OF THE DAY: Next time you’re going out of town, leave a big sign on your front lawn that you’re not home so criminals will know when to break in. 


Convicted “leaker” Bradley Manning’s request for hormone therapy and gender-reassignment surgery so he can live his life behind bars as a woman named “Chelsea”, has been denied by the US Army. 

- The only ones more depressed than Manning are all the guys in the prison he’s going to be living with. 


The Oxford Dictionary announced this year’s list of “new words” to be added to their dictionary. They include “Digital Detox” (spending time away from social media), “Selfie” (the racy pictures people take of themselves and then tweet) and “Twerk” (to dance in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance). 

- Our fervent hope is that Anthony Weiner sticks to taking Selfies and leaves the Twerking to professionals…like Miley Cyrus. 


Russian Police raided an art gallery and seized a painting of President Vladimir Putin in women’s lingerie, claiming it had broken some unspecified law. 

- So in Russia it’s okay for the Prez to go topless, he just can’t wear a bra. 

- The artist said he was inspired by something he saw at the J. Edgar Hoover Gallery. 


Alec Baldwin got into another scuffle with a photographer when he tried to snap a pic of Alec and his week-old baby, grabbing the paparazzo and pinning his arms behind him. 

- He was just in a bad mood because his infant daughter doesn’t have a cell-phone yet, so he couldn’t leave a voicemail calling her a pig. 


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