Hundreds of thousands of people have been tweeting, voicing their objection to the annoucement of Ben Affleck being cast as the new “Batman”.  

- In response Ben tweeted “ARGO ______ Yourself!”


Doctors say that some people are texting so much that they’re seeing a rising number of “Sleep Texting”…people who are sending texts in their sleep. 

- So if you get a baffling text at 4am about what a great “Batman” Ben Affleck is gonna make, you can chalk it up to that. 


Scientists are working on a new space telescope that will produce images 10 times sharper than the Hubble Telescope. 

- Now the NSA will be able to read your emails right off your computer screen instead of having to secretly upload them.


A study in the UK by the  Allergen Research Group found that the average single woman changes her sheets every 2.3 weeks, and the average single man changes them four times a year.

- Conclusion: Ladies, if you decide to sleep it with your boyfriend, do it at your house. 


Another UK survey by a skincare company determined that women are most at peace with their naked bodies when they’re 34.

- That’s also the age when a lot of men begin to accept the fact that they too should be wearing a bra.


San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will resign as part of a deal to settle more than a dozen sexual harrassment lawsuits filed against him.

- He’s taken a new job in the medical field, as a hands-on physical therapist at a Women’s Prison.


The makers of Oreos are being accused of using less than double the amount of cream filling in their Double Stuff Oreos.

- Will Michael Moore never stop working to improve the lives of Americans? 


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