There’s a growing trend for “death cafes,” places where people gather drink coffee, eat cookies and talk about dying. 

- In the old days, we called that “My grandmother’s kitchen table”. 

- It’s kind of like a regular book club, but they read the last chapter first, just in case. 


Amazon’s website went down for about half an hour on Monday, but it wasn’t immediately clear if it was due to a cyberattack by hackers or terrorists. 

- The State Department said it was caused by a few guys upset about an anti-Amazon video they saw on YouTube. 

- There’s another possibility…the site crashed as soon as the “Hackers for Dummies” book was put on sale for half off. 


Anthony Weiner in fourth place in the latest NYC Mayoral Race Poll of likely voters. 

- If you want to know just how down he is about it, I’m sure he’d be happy to send you a Tweet. 

- Weiner insists that despite his troubles, he’s just a normal guy who takes his pants off one leg at a time, just like everybody else. 


Chris Christie is making it easer for New Jersey kids with doctor’s notes to get medical marijuana for certain illnesses. 

- Apparently he doesn’t realize that the move is seriously going to cut into the amount of Doritos available to him. 


Al Qaeda tried to improved its image by hosting a family fair in Syria…complete with ice cream and promotions for jihad. 

- They even had carnival games like “Skee Ball” and “Whack-an-American”.

- One woman learned the hard way that wearing her “I’m With Stupid” Burka didn’t go over to well. 

- Everyone loved the fireworks show at the end of the evening…until they realized “Jihad The Clown” had accidentally blown himself up. 


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