The Cheesecake Factory opens today at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi! (between Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor).


And speaking of cheesecake…

An e-mail containing the bra cup sizes of all female Detroit Police Officers was accidentally sent to all the cops on the force. The intimate info was included in a listing of bullet-proof vests available for pick up. 

- The “A” cup officers are considering suing the Department in Small Claims Court.  

- To make it fair, the women are demanding that an email be sent out listing all of the male officers’ holser sizes. 


In an effort to “Get Out The Vote”, the city of Detroit has put up Billboards reminding people to make their voice heard on “General Election Day…September 2nd”. The only problem is, the General Election is being held on November 5th. 

- And people wonder why the city had to file for bankruptcy. 

- If you do want to vote September 2nd, the lines should be really short since that’s Monday - Labor Day. 


A new study found that it could be a sign of early dementia when people can’t recognize the faces of famous people, like JFK or Elvis. 

- Or it could just mean that the people shown the pictures are teenagers. 

In a related story…A University of Washington study found that dementia is linked to high blood sugar. 

- So I guess we should forget that whole “spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” thing, since we’re going to forget it anyway.


Michelle Obama is releasing a rap album as part of her fight against Childhood Obsesity, including the songs “U R What You Eat” and “Veggie Luv”. She’ll appear in cameos but leave the singing to rappers like Run DMC  & Doug E. Fresh.

- Eminem volunteered to be on the CD but she was afraid his name would encourage kids to eat candy.  

- The WH is asking anyone who knows of a rap group called “Steamed Brocolli” to give ‘em a call. 


A Boston jury found mobster Whitey Bulger guilty of eleven murders. 

- Since he was originally charged with 19 murders…turns out Whitey’s not that bad a guy afterall. 


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