A new poll confirms that Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs in the United States.

- Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer tied for second place. 

- I woundn’t wanna be the guy who announced the results to the Pit Bulls.


A recent study shows that the more time people spend on Facebook, the more unhappy they become in real life. 

- Wait… I thought spending your entire day on Facebook WAS real life!

- Apparently announcing that you’re having hamburgers and potato salad with your next door neighbors on fb depresses all the people you didn’t invite to the BBQ. 

- Anthony Weiner agreed with the survey, but said that for some reason using Twitter always perks him up. 


Speaking of saddness…a Dutch University study found that people who shop when they’re depressed feel more sad and alone, which makes them shop more, and become even more depressed. 

- By the time they go home and check Facebook, they need Prozac. 


In the wake of a Missouri rodeo clown being banned from Missouri Rodeo’s for performing in an Obama mask, The Missouri State Fair will force all clowns to undergo “sensitivity training”. 

- And yet all the clowns in Washington DC just keep on keepin’ on.

- Reaction from the clowns was mixed: Some looked really happy; Some looked really sad. 


A Japanese company has unveiled a vending machine that dispenses bras.

- To make women feel better about themselves, they labeled every button on the machine 36 D.

- The creator must have been a woman since guys have no idea how to work anything that involves a bra. 


Britney Spears’ financial documents show that she shops at the 99 Cents store and buys a lot of fast food and Cheetos.

- They also showed that while touring in Japan, she buys her bras out of vending machines, except for the days when she doesn’t wear any “underwear” at all.  


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