A sex tape that Monica Lewinsky sent to President Clinton during their affair has surfaced and a transcript will be published today.  In the tape, Monica proposes ways for her and Bill to get together and what she would do to him. She adds that she’s “too cute and adorable to be ignored” and that one of their 60 second trysts was nice but not enough. 

- 60 seconds! Wow…talk about staying power!

- Monica talks about arranging her dates thru Bill’s Secretary but she didn’t realize that he was sleeping with her too. 


Experts say that this tape may be just the “tip of the iceberg” and that the re-emergence of the Scandal could hurt Hillary’s run for Prez. in 2016.

- So she’s hired the Public Relations firm of “Weiner & Spitzer” to handle her campaign. 


Because Russia has cracked down so hard on any public expression of homosexuality, gay athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics might be prosecuted. 

- This does not bode well for the “Two Man Luge” teams. 


Speaking of Russia, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has finally left the Moscow Airport after being granted a one year Visa by Vladimir Putin. He is free to live anywhere in Russia that he wants. 

- I’ve heard Siberia is lovely this time of year! 

- The WH says the move may make Obama refuse to attend a meeting with Putin planned for this fall. Of course we won’t know what he decides to do until Edward Snowden leaks the info. 


Reasarchers have found a way to create teeth out of urine. 

- So far they’ve only been able to make Whiz-dom teeth. 


George Zimmerman was spotted in North Texas, where he got a speeding ticket and informed the cop that he had a gun in his truck.  

- The police officer let him go but Zimmerman called 911 to say he’d just seen a “suspicious looking cop”.


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