Welcome to the first weekend in August (ouch!) and a brand new Podcast (#88). Today I sit down for an encore visit by the former “Purtan’s Person” and always amusing Joe Noune, along with my regular co-horts, my wife Gail and daughter Jackie. 

Right out of the box, Joe explains why he’s wearing the same shirt he wore last week. It’s part of his special “Shirt Rotation Program” (I didn’t ask if he has a similar rotation program for his underwear.)

And speaking of underwear, Hot Diggity Dog…we talk about the “front runner” in NYC’s Mayoral race, Anthony Weiner and how he blamed his continued lewd behavior on “Rough Patches” in his marriage.

Being divorced, Joe regales us with some great stories about the “rough patches” in his marriage and reveals whether or not he “Pulled a Weiner” so to speak. 

Next we verbally fly across the pond to discuss/explain/explore the name chosen for the Royal Baby and it’s historical significance. Let’s just say Mr. Noune’s comments prove why the name “Joe” didn’t make the cut. Meanwhile Jackie explains how Kate and William have revitalized the monarchy, why it’s always good to add some fresh water to the gene pool, and how Mel Brooks showed us all that “It’s Good To Be The King!”

That leads to a discussion of how World War I started, who is Kim Jung Un’s REAL favorite basketball player (Sorry Dennis!), and some great stories about the Pope.

We wrap it all up with a joke featuring the airport, another famous man of religion, and a naked woman. 

So put some clothes on, sit back and click on Podcast #88!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you right back here Monday with my regular blog!


Purtan Podcast #88  (38:39)