A new study by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that drinking regular coffee reduces the risk of suicide by about 50%. 

- I would have thought the caffeine would keep you up all night thinking about how miserable your life is. 

- This would explain why Juan Valdez and Mrs. Folger always look so darn happy! 


NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager has quit.

- Apparently the guy got tired of being referred to as Weiner’s “right hand man”. 

- Weiner is asking those interested in filling the job to send a resume. With pictures. 


Edward Snowden may soon be able to leave the Moscow airport where he’s been holed up since the end of June. 

- We know it’s true because Snowden is the one who leaked the story. 

- Reporters anxious to follow him have gathered around the guy by the luggage carosel holding up a sign reading “Snowden”. 


A second woman has come forward accsuing San Diego mayor Bob Filner of sexual harrassment. He allegedly told her not to wear underwear to work. 

- Filner says that’s because she had anger issues and was “always getting her panties in a bunch”. 

- Even Victoria’s Secret makes their models wear underwear to work! Of course that’s all they wear.


O.J. Simpson pleaded with the Nevada parole board to cut his prison term saying he’s been a good inmate. 

- Which is true when you consider that he hasn’t killed any other inmates. Yet. 


Alex Rodriguez could be facing a lifetime ban from baseball for using Performing Enhancing Drugs. 

- Rodriguez claims the only Performing Enhancing Drug he’s used is Viagra.  


Courtney Love has a new album planned for a Christmas release. 

- The first single will be “I’ll Be A Ho For The Holidays”. 


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