Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry has offered to baby-sit his newborn nephew. 

- He thinks it’ll give him credibility at the Vegas crap tables when he says “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!”

- Kate got nervous when he offered to “bring his own bottles” to feed the future King. 


The New York Post reports that Bill and Hillary Clinton are privately “livid” at the press comparisons of them to Anthony Weiner and his wife. 

- Apparently Bill was in the men’s room with Weiner recently and insists there is absolutely “No Comparison”.

- Bill was overheard saying, “Listen to me…I did not have sex with that woman…Mrs. Weiner”. 


Workers at fast food restaurants in seven cities walked off the job Monday, to demand that their pay be doubled. 

- Looks like “Special Orders” may not upset them, but minimum wage does. 

- Chances are the only thing they’re gonna get “doubled” is a cheeseburger. 

- Chris Christie immediately issued a statement saying “Give ‘em whatever they want!”


A recent survey finds that the most wanted feature in an airport is a movie theater. 

- Passengers want someplace where they can get groped in private by someone they like, instead of a TSA Agent. 


Lindsay Lohan says she’s made a list of “toxic friends” who are bad influences, and that she plans to cut them out of her life. 

- Meanwhile Lindsay’s “toxic friends” have made their own list, and guess who’s on top?  


The Pope drew a crowd of 3 million people to a mass on a beach in Rio, including Brazilian women in bikinis. 

- The men in the crowd reportedly had no idea what the Pope said, but were thanking God anyway. 

- Bill Clinton said if he had any idea you could say mass in front of bikini clad women, he would have run for Pope instead of President. 


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