Welcome to the weekend and my latest Podcast…#87!

With Detroit declaring Bankruptcy (who knew things weren’t going well???) I thought we’d invite a very special guest to the show: the former Mayor of the City of Detroit, Coleman Young. But since he’s busy hiding Kuggerands in the ceiling of that great Manoogian Mansion in the Sky, I went to Plan B: Joe Noune. 

As a “Purtan’s Person” character guy for more than 20 years, Joe’s imitation of Coleman Young was second to none. 

He tells the story about the rather nerve wracking and humerous meeting he attended with the real Coleman - along with Isiah Thomas, Dave Bing and a whole bunch of other heavy hitters to plan a “No Crime Day” (which I ended up Emceeing) - and how the actual Mayor turned Joe from being a guy paralyzed by “Fear-O” into a “Hero” with a single sentence.  

There’s also the great story about the time Joe and Coleman teamed up together to make me the subject of one of my own Put-On Calls. (And remember…these were the days when they were legal and REAL!!!)

We also talk about everyone from Mel Brooks to Monica Lewinsky. (Don’t ask me how it happened…it just did). Plus I’ll tell you how I neglected to follow the customary - and some (wives) would say mandatory “kiss & mention your spouse” tradition after winning a National Radio Award in Dallas. 

So kiss and thank someone near you, then click on the link below and tune-in to Podcast #87. It’s free so at least YOU won’t go bankrupt!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday with my regular blog! 


Purtan Podcast #87