Detroit officials announced that the bankrupcy filed last week did not mean that they were going to sell off the artwork at the DIA.

- They were going to put City Hall on the market, but then they remembered that Kwame sold that years ago…and he’s got the “rap sheet” to prove it!   


In case you just crawled out from under a rock…Kate Middleton has gone into labor and is “in hospital”. As of this writing the Royal Baby has not been born, but it could happen at any minute. 

- Rumor has it that the baby is already crowning. 

- We don’t know the baby’s sex yet, but when push comes to shove they’re gonna have to let us know. 

- If the baby has Charles’ ears…we may be in for a long wait. 

- Soon we’ll find out if Enland will have more Royal Jewels, or someone to wear the ones they already have. 

- Nobody in the Royal Family has pushed this hard since Charlie tried to push Queen Elizabeth off the throne. 


Vice President Biden says he hasn’t ruled out running for President in 2016.

- Everyone in the country has…but Joe hasn’t. 


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly fired his step mom from her government post because “she knows too much”. 

- She knows too much as opposed to Kim Jong Un who knows virtually nothing. 


A study by the London School of Economics found that for humans, happiness peaks at ages 23 and 69.

- Happiest of all are 69-year-old men married to 23-year old women.


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