As of this writing, Kate Middleton and Prince William have not released the name of their new little Prince, but in keeping with Royal tradition the baby will probably have three or four names that honor famous Brits.

- Right now, the leading contender is the name George, in honor of all the famous Georges in British history. First and foremost of course: Boy George. (Who could forget that classic hit “Karma Chameleon”?)

- The couple will have plenty of time to decide while the baby is with the “Royal Burper”. 


There is also a lot of speculation on just who the baby will look like. 

- All of Britain is giving thanks that Camilla is not a blood-relative. 


Today is National Hot Dog Day! 

- So grab your buns and go for it.

- To celebrate, NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner will cover himself with mustard and tweet out pictures of himself.  


Researchers say some day there could be a pill that gives the benefits of exercise without having to work out.

- I believe the key words here are “some day”.

- This gives a whole new meaning to “Pill-ates”. 

- Doctors are already warning that if you buff-up for more than four hours after taking the pill, go directly to the hospital. 


The CIA is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a study to see if humans can control the weather.

- The money will come of course from their “Rainy Day Fund”.


Carnival executives have released the name of their next cruise ship.

- It’s called “The Sewage of The Sea”. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!