Welcome to the weekend and one of those rare times when the number of my latest Podcast (#86) almost matches the temp outside! Today I welcome an aspiring young Actress from Detroit who wants to make it big on the “Big Screen” (or the “Little Screen” for that matter). Her name is Elyse Cantor and she’s got big dreams…and what better way to start than by appearing on my Podcast!? 

Not to say that my expansive stories about my own film work (an eleven-second voice over in Beverly Hills Cop III) aren’t enough to pump her up, but things get a little more involved when Jackie (one of the Original Cast Members of “The Second City” Detroit), shares a wealth of info and “behind the scenes” stories into the world of acting. 

From the thrilling time she spent with SCTV legend John Candy to naked cast members backstage, Jackie bares it all! 

The two ladies also try their hand at a little improv: we discuss the major differences between stage and film acting, and both ladies share their view on the protests that erupted from actresses who have made big bucks appearing topless - and then turned around and complained about it when Seth McFarlane sang “We Saw Your Boobs” at this year’s Academy Awards. 

Plus, our special guest explains how, at 23, she’s already been subjected to today’s version of “The Casting Couch”. (Turns out these days, directors don’t need to buy a sectional from Art Van to try and see you naked). 

So pop some popcorn, sit back and settle in for Podcast #86. I think you’ll give it two thumbs up, but if not…”Frankly my dear, I don’t…” 

Have a great weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #86