There’s a company that makes wigs for babies who are born bald. 

- So between the wig, no teeth and diapers, babies are basically just miniature old people. 


To show how sexy and beloved he is, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un realeased a photo of cute young female workers mobbing him at a mushroom festival. 

- Un threatened to have them thrown in prison when he found out they were whispering “There’s a Fung-Gus-Among-Gus”.


Business Insider says the chance of winning the $1 million grand prize in McDonald’s Monopoly game is 1 in 3 billion. 

- Which is just slightly better odds than the guy at the drive-thru getting your order right. 

- They should change their sign to “2 Billion, 999,999,999 NOT served!”


New research says that we yawn because we need to cool off our brains. 

- I just stick my head in the freezer for a few minutes. 


Boy Scouts considered to be “obese” were left out of this year’s Boy Scout Jamboree. 

- Unbelievable…but “on my honor” it’s true! 

- Instead of giving the usual Boy Scout two-finger salute, the boys who were left out used just one finger instead. 

- The obese boys blamed it on eating too many Girl Scout Cookies.  


Oprah Winfrey has signed Lindsay Lohan to star in a new Reality Show on her OWN Network. 

- This is the first time Linsay will be involved in anything resembling “reality” in years. 

- It’s been tentatively called “The Biggest Boozer”. 


Kim Kardashian was mocked after she tweeted about the injustice of acquitting a killer. Fans quickly reminded her that her late dad Robert Kardashian was one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers. 

- Kim responded “Who’s O.J.?”

- Followed by “Who’s Robert Kardashian?”


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