The Tigers played a huge part in last night’s All Star Game, with Scherzer pitching a perfect first inning, Cabrera hitting a double, Fielder getting a triple and Jim Leyland managing a great AL team! The 3-0 victory broke the NL’s 3 year winning streak. 


NSA leaker Edward Snowden promised that if he’s allowed asylum in Russia, he won’t leak any state secrets. 

- And if you can’t trust Edward Snowden who can you trust? 

- Isn’t the fact that he leaks US government secrets the only reason Russia wants him in the first place? 


A British study found that Viagra can boost blood flow to the womb and help preborn babies grow bigger. 

- Of course it only works on male babies. 

- Luckily, if the mothers-to-be have contractions lasting more than 4 hours, they’ll already be with their doctor. 


Meanwhile a Pennsylvania woman gave birth to a 13-pound, 12 ounce bouncing baby girl. 

- Sereiously…she could bounce. 


O.J. Simpson has a parole hearing tomorrow in Nevada. He’ll ask to be released from Prison. 

- After they say “No”, he’ll go back to his usual routine of looking for the real killer or killers in the Prison Yard. 

- He’s requested a change of venue for the hearing…he wants it moved to Sanford, Florida. 


Asiana Airlines had dropped plans to sue a San Francisco TV station after a news anchor there read what turned out to be fake names of the pilots involved in the recent crash, live on the air. The names included “Sum Ting Wong” and “Wi Tu Lo”. 

- The announcement was made by the airline’s president, “Wi No Su”. 


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