Tonight’s the MLB All-Star Game. Six Tigers on the American League roster…including Max Scherzer who will start on the mound! 


Twinkies are officially back…and actually contain 15 fewer calories than before. That’s because they’re four grams smaller than the original. 

- What kind of Ding Dong came up with the plan to make them smaller? 

- I guess the governments plan to “slim down America” has to start somewhere.


Michelle Obama is pushing the idea of “walking school busses,” where a group of students gather with an adult supervisor, then walk to school. 

- So now the kids will go to school singing, “The Knees on the Supervisor go Click, Click, Click!” 


According to a new study, casual sex is linked to depression. 

- This explains the new Viagra/Prozac Combo Pack I saw at the drugstore. 


Japanese Police have cracked an alleged “Home Delivery” prostitution ring that sent hookers weighing upwards of 300 pounds to their clients homes or hotels. 

- This gives new meaning to “Hot & Heavy” romance. 

- Oh sure…it’s always fun until somebody gets smothered. 


A new study finds that 20 percent of smartphone owners use their phones during sex. 

- You’d think their partners would be upset, but people who text during sex usually don’t have a partner. 


In Russia, the Kremlin is switching to typewriters to prevent computer spying. 

- Now they’ll be able to detect spys by watching to see who leaves work with his pants stuffed with mimeograph papers. 

- Wow…I haven’t seen a Smith-Kremlinona since the Cold War!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday…Go Tigers!