It’s June 7th…and I’m pleased to say that today we’re gonna hit a high of 81! No…not 81 degrees - but Podcast #81! (It won’t give you a tan, but hopefully you’ll find it amusing). Today Jackie and I welcome a very special and extremely interesting guest (his words) back to the table. Yes, Tom Delisle, a former Purtan’s Person and big-time Hollywood Comedy Writer back to Podcast Central (or as we call it on Thanksgiving - “the dining room table”) 

Join us as we lament the deaths of Jean “Edith Bunker” Stapleton and the great Harvey Korman. (NOTE: Jackie read a post on Facebook that Harvey had gone to that great “Carol Burnett Show In The Sky” and was pretty torn up - until we explained that while he HAD died…it was back in 2008). Ah…the Internet! 

We also reveal the AFI’s Writer’s Guild top picks for the 5 best written TV shows of all-time. Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

And prepare yourself for a bonafide Hollywood SHOCKER, as Tom shares some bombshell info about one of television’s now-deceased most iconic hosts. (Even Carnac couldn’t see this one comin’!)

Plus…we’ll weigh in on Michael Douglas’s new film about Liberace - “Behind the Candelabra” - and explain why we just couldn’t get “behind” the movie. 

So sit back, listen and who knows…maybe #81 will make your list of our Top 5 best Podcasts!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday with our regular blog!


Purtan Podcast #81  (37:20)

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