A study found that sleep-deprived men are more likely to overestimate a woman’s interest in sex than a well-rested man. 

- Apparently Bill Clinton hasn’t slept since Nixon was in office.

- Aren’t women the one’s who always say they’re too tired? 


The source of the NSA surveillance program leak- where the government has been listening in on and reading our phone calls and computer messages - 29-year-old NSA contract worker Edward Snowden, came forward and revealed himself. 

- Fortunately there were no photos of him revealing himself like there were with Anthony Weiner. 

- Apparently the NSA has been “surveiling” everyone but Edward Snowden. 

- You think they would have caught on when he kept wearing the “I Can’t Keep A Secret!” t-shirt to the office. 


On Friday, staffers forgot to put President Obama’s remarks on the teleprompter before his speech in California.

- So instead, the President just told some really funny jokes about the IRS screwing people.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife are getting a divorce. 

- She gets the kids and he gets to keep all the nuclear weapons. 

- She told him the old fashioned way…she sent him a “Dear Vlad” letter. 

- President Putin has already signed up for a dating wedsite: eCommunist.com


At a taping of “Britain’s Got Talent”, a woman ran up on stage and threw eggs at Simon Cowell.

- Simon said the eggs were “rotten and a little pitchy”.

- The woman got the eggs from the ones Simon keeps next to him to throw at the contestants. 


Justin Bieber has signed to go on a trip into space with Virgin Galactic.

- Admit it…your fingers are crossed that it’s a one-way trip!

- Isn’t Virgin Galactic the name of one of the Bond Girls?  


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