“Sesame Street” has introduced a new Muppet named Alex who has a parent in prison. 

- The announcement was brought to you by the letters   C-O-N-V-I-C & T. 

- Miss Piggy is already demanding conjugal visits with Kermit. 

- Bert and Ernie said they’re cool with it as long as they get to be cellmates. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin denied a claim by NE Patriots owner Robert Kraft that he stole Kraft’s 2005 Super Bowl ring. Putin says it was “a gift”. 

- Sounds to me like Vlad just likes “Putin on the Glitz”. 

- Hey, they’ve been stealing our military secrets for years…maybe Putin thought it was a secret-decoder ring. 


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un reportedly handed out a special present to guests at his own birthday party back in January…copies of Hitler’s infamous “Mein Kamph”.

- He’s also insists that everyone refer to his wife as Eva Braun Jong. 

- He got copies of Mein Kamph at the “Our-Tanks-Will-Soon-Cross-Over-Your-Borders” bookstore.  


Insiders say Un has also been doing things to try to “build his charisma” like “yelling really loudly at people and throwing things at them”.

- Sounds like somebody needs a prescription for Prozac!

- One guy said Un even threw a missile at him…but it turns out that’s the only way they can get one in the air. 


CNN reports that female terrorists are being fitted with exploding breast implants. 

- I’ve seen some dynamite cleavage in my day but c’mon!

- Why spend the money when they can just have the ladies take off their Spanx and blow away an entire city block? 

- Of course the doctors who perform the surgery will be immediately killed for looking at a naked woman. 


A Delaware man has become well-known after he sued his doctor for a penis implant that gave him an 8 month erection.

- He would have sued sooner but he was too embarrassed to stand up in court. 


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