Today marks the third day of digging in the latest attempt to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Former mobster Tony Zerilli told the Feds that the former Teamster boss is buried in a field in Northern Oakland County. 

- It’s kind of like “Where in the World is Matt Lauer”…except for the finding him part. 

PERSONAL NOTE: Years ago, Tom Ryan and I had lunch at the Roma Cafe one day. At the large round table next to us sat a Detroit mobster named “Fat Tony” surrounded by six of his lieutenants. When they finished lunch, the lieutenants stood up and kissed “Fat Tony” on the cheek, and the whole group left. When I recently heard about Tony Zerilli and his tip to the Feds, I assumed he was the one at the Roma. But after some Googling, I realized there were so many “Fat Tonys” in the mob, I have no idea who I had lunch next to!


President Obama’s approval ratings fell eight points in the past month. 

- The White House says it was suprised by the news…making it the only thing that Americans are thinking that the Government doesn’t already know about. 

- Taylor Swift is so upset with his performance she’s releasing a song called “I’m Never, Ever, Ever Voting For You Again”.


A study found that drinking beer everyday reduces the risk of kidney stones by 41%. 

- And if you drink light beer, you’re kidney stones will be much smaller.  

- Smoking Pot however will greatly increase your chances of getting Kidney Stoned.  


The Discovery Channel has a new reality series called “Naked and Afraid,” where male and female strangers are stripped and stranded in a remote area with no food or water. 

- They were going to use this plan on Gilligans Island until they realized that not only would MaryAnn and Ginger be naked, but so would Mr. and Mrs. Howell. 

- The “Remote Location” is actually the TSA invasive pat down room at the airport. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still haven’t released the name of their new baby girl.

- But they plan to release a video of the baby’s first diaper change later this week!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!