Happy Father’s Day Weekend! Time to fire up the BBQ, enjoy the great weather, and prepare to open a boatload of socks and ties! (Just kidding…I hope!)

Today, I give you “the gift” of Podcast #82 which, along with Me and Jackie, features returning special guest and former “Tonight Show” monologue writer Tom Delisle. 

He tells a great story involving Johnny Carson, Richard Dawson, and…yes…Winston Churchill. 

And being Father’s Day Weekend, we talk about very “Manly Things” like the invasion of those white puffy cottonwood things that are flying through the air in record numbers. And speaking of invasions, I’ll tell you the little known and very interesting (I swear) story of the Battle of Tours, France from the 700’s. Beleive it or not, one guy was responsible for saving Christian Europe from the Muslim Army. (Although his legions of soldiers didn’t hurt either!) 

While we’re on the subject of history, Jackie reveals how her admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt almost got her kicked out of Junior High School. 

And what would Father’s Day Weekend be without some historical sports talk? To that end, Tom recounts what happened in Montreal back in 1955, when Maurice “The Rocket” Richard of the Canadians punched out a ref during the last regular season game against the Red Wings. He was suspended for the entire play-off season and let’s just the fans were none too happy, eh? 

And just for good measure, Tom will tell you about the time the great Ted Lindsay confronted me on the ice during a charity hockey game and I “verbally” punched him out!

So treat yourself to a pre-Father’s Day (or post-Mother’s Day for you ladies out there) “skate” through a ton of fun stuff in Podcast #82

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday! 


Purtan Podcast #82  (45:02)