The IRS has quietly cancelled a purchase order for spy equipment including cameras hidden inside clocks, flower pots and coffee trays. 

- A hidden camera in a flower pot? Who knew “Oopsy the Clown” worked for the IRS? 

- We know that “Bozo the Clown” works for the IRS…In fact there’s a lot of them.


Two-thirds of Americans believe the government is eavesdropping on private phone calls. 

- The other third are Amish people who don’t have phones. 


Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has proclaimed that “Tang sucks.” 

- With the statements he’s made lately, it seems like Buzz is a couple of boosters short of a rocket. 


A New York Observer poll found that Anthony Weiner might be doing so well in the NYC Mayoral race because he’s the only one of the many candidates that most voters even recognize. 

- Unfortunately it’s not his “face” they recognize. 

- If he loses, Weiner says he’ll do what most failed politicians do: Return to the “Privates” sector.


New research finds that email can raise your stress levels. 

- Especially the ones that start “I don’t usually pass e-mail jokes along, but this one is hilarious!”


Pope Francis reportedly acknowledged that there is a “gay lobby” inside the Vatican. 

- It’s similar to the “Straight Lobby” but with way better decorations.  


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