Hope you had a great weekend… One of the highlights of mine was seeing the amazingly funny Kathleen Madigan at the Royal Oak Music Theater, with a fabulous opening by Lewis Black. The show was filmed for a National TV special, and as per usual, Kathleen was fantastic! She may be from St. Louis, but she loves Detroit and (despite protestations from the producers in California) that’s why she chose this town for the taping. I was thrilled and humbled when she asked me to stand up and thanked me for “helping her career” by having her on my morning show so many times. (Of course it didn’t hurt that she always brought me cinnamon-raisin & salmon bagels!) As an added bonus, she invited Gail, Jackie and me back stage after the show to hang out with her and Lewis. Kudos to Mark Ridley for putting it all together…and make sure to look for the show when it airs! 


There’s new technology that allows college professors to track if their students are actually reading their textbooks.

- The old technology was called “a test”. 

- Professors’ had a feeling something was wrong when Grad students submitted thesis’s that were only 140 characters long. 


Weight Watchers is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. 

- They’re having a huge cake but no one is allowed to eat it. 


Researchers at Britain’s University of Bradford claim they’ve discovered a topical treatment that reverses gray hair back to it’s original color. 

- Aging blonds everywhere are terrified. 

- They’re publishing the results in a report called “Getting Rid of Fifty Shades of Gray”. 


Lindsay Lohan reportedly took 270 outfits to her 90-day rehab. 

- Can you blame her? Imagine the embarrassment if another woman wore the same dress to dinner in the locked down cafeteria! 

- All 270 of the outfits are white because they hide that pesky Cocaine residue so much better than darker colors. 


Lilo also told Piers Morgan that instead of going to rehab again, it would do her more good to send her overseas and let her work with children. 

- Lindsay loves kids and says they make excellent drug mules. 


Have a great “Seis de Mayo” and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!


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