Welcome to the first weekend of May and a brand new Podcast (#78). Today Jackie and I welcome my long time on-air partner Tom Ryan back to the table (This makes two weeks in a row!) for a Podcasting Potpourri of Entertainment. 

I may not be a genius, but I reveal some little known facts about Albert Einstein. (I’ll betcha didn’t know he was a chick magnet!). And speaking of people who are never gonna make it onto MENSA’s short list, we share some stories about our (many) former Radio Program Directors. I’ll explain how the “10 Second Rule” works in Radio and how I bucked the system (and risked losing my job at WKNR and some of my other multitude of Radio Stations) by refusing to follow it.

I also tell you the true story of a Program Director who burst into the studio while a jock was on the air, demanding to know why he was playing a certain song that he felt didn’t match the weather outside!

And while we’re on the topic of weather, Tom shares a bunch of “Goofy” stories about his recent trip to Disney World. Turns out he doesn’t mind that it’s a “Small World Afterall” — but he did everything but give Donald Duck his pants, in exchange for some air-conditioning and a place to sit down.  

Plus, a story about Jackie, Morey Amsterdam (from the Dick Van Dyke Show) and The Seven Dwarfs that will give you a new appreciation for Snow White. 

We’re also interrupted by our standard “Podcast Phone Call”, discuss the alarming number of wheelchairs on the jetway after a flight back from Florida, and in our “High-Tech” segment, I’ll tell you why I won’t give up my 6-year-old flip phone for an iAnything! 

So sit back, relax, and join us for a trip through the Magic Kingdom that is Podcast #78!


Purtan Podcast #78 (30:41)