A new test can predict a heart attack seven years in advance simply by looking at your fingers.

- If you’re licking frosting off them at the time of the test, you may have the heart attack even sooner.

- Actually they just need to look at your middle finger. If it’s up enough, they figure you’re a really angry person with high blood pressure.


Al Jazeera is opening an office in Detroit.

- Good for Al…I didn’t realize his business was going so well! 


For the first time, Facebook has entered the Fortune 500 list of the 500 biggest companies in the world. 

- Apparently Forbes doesn’t realize that Facebook has a million “fake shareholders”.


KFC is marketing its new chicken using the slogan “I ate the bone!”

- The guy who came up with the idea was so emotional, he was all choked-up. 

- Apparently they’re trying to get a piece of the coveted “Dogs who love fast food” market.


North Korea sentenced an American citizen to 15 years hard labor. 

- Unfortunately that American citizen wasn’t Dennis Rodman. 


Fox canceled the reality show “Cops” after 25 years, but it was immediately picked up by the cable channel, Spike TV. 

- To spice up the show, Spike TV is adding anchors who will wear the same sleeveless, ribbed, stained white TV shirts as the suspects.  


An Australian menswear designer has created a $2400 wallet made out of whale foreskin.

- It seems to me a whale has enough foreskin to produce a full set of luggage and a weekend getaway bag.

- Interestingly, the inventor was a marine biologist who spent some time in the penile system. 


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