Welcome to the weekend and a brand-spankin’ new Podcast! (#79). Having finally figured out how to get my microphone turned on, I sat down with my regular partner-in-podcasting daughter Jackie, and a very special returning guest, my wife Gail. 

The three of us weigh in on the hottest topics in the news from the Scandals rocking Washington…to a South American country that has literally run out of toilet paper. (I think they should ask Iran for help since they’re  always threatening to “wipe” other countries - especially this one - off the map). 

Plus we have the very latest on everybody’s favorite felons - Jodi Arias, O.J. Simpson and of course our very own Kwame Kilpatrick. Talk about “Trials & Tribulations”. 

From the IRS to the AP to an abundance of BS from OJ…it’s all here! 

So sit back, grab a roll of TP (just in case) and tune in to Podcast #79! 

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday with my regular blog…


Purtan Podcast #79

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