In an article for Sport Illustrated, former Wizards and Celtics center Jason Collins came out as the first openly gay NBA player. 

- So now we know there’s one less NBA star trying to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record. 

- Looks like Dennis Rodman’s wedding gown may get another go down the aisle! 


Collins explained sexual orientation by saying that while some people are born knowing they’re gay, others need “more time to cook”, and he “baked for 33 years”. 

- This explains why the Pillsbury Dough Boy has never had a girlfriend. 


LaToya Jackson claims she can hear her late brother Michael’s ghost, tap-dancing in the family home.  

- LaToya added that she actually saw the ghost and that he looked “Just like Casper, but with interchangable noses”.  

- Michael did spend years tap-dancing in that home…around charges that he was inappropriate with kids. 


Tom Brokaw says he didn’t go to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner this year, because Lindsay Lohan showed up last year and it ruined it for him. 

- Actually, what Lindsay ruined was his suit when she threw-up on it. 


A company called HommeMystere had created a line of women’s style lingerie that can be worn by men. 

- It will be sold at a new store called “Victor’s Secret”. 

- Anthony Weiner has already bought several thongs to make the pictures he tweets of his privates just a tad more provocative.


Saudi Arabia has deported three men for being “too handsome”.

- Their names? Larry, Curly & Moe-hammed.


A Wisconsin woman called 911 after seeing two kittens having sex in her backyard.

- Meanwhile her husband was busy filming it on his iPhone and posting it on YouTube. 

- It’s not like it was kinky or anything…they stuck to the Mewsionarry position. 


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