Cher will be the subject of an upcoming documentary on the Lifetime Channel centered on her work protecting the environment. 

- Turns out she put all that plastic in her face to keep it from ending up in landfills. 

- Despite championing the environment,  millions of vinyl records featuring “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” ended up in the trash heap. 


Jeralean Taylor of our very own Inkster has earned the title of the World’s Oldest Living American at age 113. She was an avid bowler until age 104 and still plans to go on her annual fishing trip with a friend in May.

- At her age, she might end up “sleeping with the fishes”.


Saudi Arabia is considering lifting it’s ban on women riding bicycles in public.  

- I had trouble keeping my pant cuffs from getting caught in the pedals…good luck with a burka! 


Michael Jackson’s family is suing a concert promoter for $40 Billion in wages they say Michael would have earned if hadn’t died while preparing for a concert tour. 

- Apparently the money Tito is bringing in working at McDonalds just isn’t cutting it. 


Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she was prenant as an April Fool’s Day prank, but her followers didn’t get the joke since she sent the tweet at 5a.m. on April 2nd. 

- She followed up with a tweet saying she’d be a responsible mother by only drinking Airplane-sized bottles of booze.


A former editor at Vogue has written a tell-all book revealing that to stave off hunger pangs, starving models eat Kleenex.

- Single-ply I’m assuming.

- Why not eat paper towel…that way they could “Select-A-Size-2”.


Magic Johnson said he’s “very proud” of his son for going public about being gay.

- In athletics this type of annoucement is called “Coming out of the locker room”.   


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