Well it finally happened…

No, they didn’t find Jimmy Hoffa. 

No, Kim Jong Un didn’t “unfriend” Dennis Rodman on Facebook. 

And no, I have not been offered a spot on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars”…

But…I am back from a six-week Spring Break with a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW PODCAST! (#77). And what better way to kick off a “New Season” than with my long-time radio partner and current special guest, Tom Ryan. (Admit it, you’re doing a Sgt. Sacto Double-Pumper right now…) Today Tom, Jackie and I sit down to tackle some of today’s most talked about issues like, is that orange fish pronounced “Salmon” with an “L” or “Samon”. Edgy stuff, I know. 

We also “Pontificate”, if you will, on how germaphobia and gluten allergies have affected the Catholic Church. (You can’t make this stuff up…)

Tom and I also take a trip down memory lane - (and I mean a very fast trip) - involving my driving technique in the Windsor Tunnel back when we used to ride over to Canada together during our CKLW days. And the time a prank by two of my daughters could have landed Mr. Ryan and me in big-time trouble with Canadian Immigration. 

And being the fashion-forward guys that we are, we discuss our (failed) attempts to emulate all “cool guys” by altering our shaving routines, and debunk the common belief about what colors are best to wear to deflect the summer sun. (That’s, of course, assuming that we ever actually SEE the summer sun this year). 

Plus…the three of us reveal the vehicles that none of us will park next to, and more importantly - WHY? 

Spring Break may be over, but I invite you to join us for a “Senior Trip” (not counting Jackie who is 27!!!) in Podcast #77. 


Purtan Podcast #77