It’s raining…It’s pouring… The old man is snoring…

But who gives a rats patoot? You can’t hear him over the sound of the thunder! 

Before the on-going storms knock out my internet…here’s a brief look at today’s news!


It’s been two years since US Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace after tweeting picture of his nether regions to women, but now sources say he’s considering a run for Mayor of NYC. 

- Well we know he’s got a lock on the Hot Dog Vendor vote. 

- His wife is said to be standing beside him. She won’t sleep beside him, but she’ll stand there. 


Former US Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick has signed on to hear testimony from a group trying to convince the Federal Government that UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Aliens really exist. 

- Well she should know…she gave birth to one.  


The Postal Service canceled it’s plan to stop Saturday delivery. 

- Apparently neither rain nor snow nor the country being out of cash will keep them from their appointed rounds. 


A new study found that using social media makes people ruder…so rude in fact, that 40% of users say it’s destroyed some of their friendships. 

- And some of those ruined friendships were with people they actually knew! 

- Why not put the mean comments where they belong - on “In-Your-Facebook”?


The Country Music Hall of Fame announced that they’re inducting Kenny Rogers. 

- As they say, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em & know when to induct ‘em”. 

- They had planned to induct him the same year they honored Dolly Parton, but that turned out to be a bust. 


Obamacare regulators in DC, California & Colorado have ruled that insurance companies won’t be allowed to reject smokers or charge them more, because smoking will be considered a “preexisting medical condition”. 

- So your tax dollars will do the same thing as cigarettes…go up in smoke. 

- People will however have a co-pay each time they buy a lighter. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! BTW…in a couple of weeks we’ll start a whole new round of Podcasts! But for now, all 76 of the Podcasts we’ve done so far are up on the homepage for your listening enjoyment!