Tax Day Dr. Seuss Style…

Do you like paying taxes, Sir or Ma’am? 

We do not like them Uncle Sam! 

You tax our house, 

You tax our spouse. 

You tax us here, you tax us there. 

You seem to tax us everywhere! 

You tax us if we’re single, 

You tax us if we wed, 

You tax us while we are alive, 

You tax us when we’re dead! 

But we must pay or risk a Jam. 

So here’s your check dear Uncle Sam! 


Justin Bieber ignited Twitter after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and leaving a message in the guest book. The Biebs said, “Anne was a great girl. I hope she would have been a Beliber”. 

- I think we can stop worrying about Economic Collapse and Nuclear War: Civilization as we know it has officially ended. 

- Apparently Justin’s knowledge of History only extends to the date he and Selena Gomez broke up. For the fifth time. 


A hotel for Chickens has opened in Eugene, Oregon. 

- Each room comes with cable TV, free wi-fi and a Rooster to wake the chicken up. 

- So now we know why the chicken crossed the road! The sign said “Vacancy”. 


According to a new article, Kim Jong Un’s fun-loving, playboy half-brother came close to becoming the leader of North Korea. 

- His half-brother is actually named Kim Jong Fun!  

- Are they implying that Kim Jong Un isn’t “fun-loving”? 


In a related story…Dennis Rodman has announced that he will be returning to North Korea for another visit in August. 

- Unless of course it’s just a parking lot by then. 


German researchers discovered that ants can predict earthquakes. 

- They can also predict exactly when and where you’ll be having your next family picnic. 

- That’s nothing…my Uncle could predict a rain storm with his bum knee. 


Mike Tyson has announced that he’s becoming a vegan. 

- Apparently Evander Holyfield’s ear left a bad taste in his mouth. 


Jenna Bush, daughter of former President George W. Bush has given birth to a little girl, the ex-Prez’s first grandchild. 

- The media was alerted by the big “Mission Accomplished” banner he hung outside the delivery room. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!