Welcome to the weekend… and a brand new Podcast (#76). Today Jackie and I welcome a gentlemen to the table who has a rather interesting and very unusual profession. Think Humphrey Bogart… (No not as a River Boat Captain in the African Queen) but as a Private Eye. A Private Dick. A Gumshoe, if you will.

If you ever wondered if P.I.’s still exist…THEY DO…and that’s what our guest Tim Lennon does for a living. 

From Insurance Fraud cases, to middle-of-the-night visits to plant high-tech gear capable of tracking a cheating spouse ANYWHERE, to plain old fashioned leg-work…Tim does it all. And he shares some great stories - including one about a rather “amorous” couple he filmed “getting acquainted” in a car outside a restaurant. Once discovered, they drove like a bat out of hell out of the parking lot, drove a few blocks and continued to “getting acquainted” even better. Tim followed ‘em…and managed to videotape them “in the act” (so to speak) AGAIN ten minutes later. 

And with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, the full-blooded Irishman tells how he and his family celebrate the holiday (Let’s just say St. Patrick is more important to the Lennon’s than St. Nicholas) - and the way he starts his celebration every year. (It’s involves his late father, lots of cold beer, and a cemetery!) 

We also “Pontificate” if you will, on whether Priests should be allowed to get married…my kids being baptized by a pony-tail wearing, motorcycle driving, man-of-the-cloth…and lots of other stuff!

And we reveal the rather bizarre and intriguing way Jackie and Tim met… and how several years later, they ended up in a relationship of their own. 

So dust off your shamrocks and tune into Podcast #76… and if you feel like your being watched, well, you never know… 

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here with my regular blog on Monday! 


Purtan Podcast #76: “The Life Of P.I.”