Kwame and his BFF and co-conspirator Bobby Ferguson found guilty of most Federal Charges including the Big One — RICO — Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization.

KWAME: 24 GUILTY, 3 Not Guilty and 3 No Verdict.

BOBBY: 9 GUILTY (including RICO, Bribery and Extortion)

BERNARD (Daddy) KILPATRICK: 1 GUILTY - (filing false tax return) 


Cardinals at the Vatican are beignning their Conclave to pick the next Pope, and there is a social media blackout to keep them from being influenced by the Internet.  

- Vatican officials have however, invited Simon Cowell to come in and judge the singing portion of “The Pope’s Got Talent”.  

- Now “Angry Birds” will be called “Angry Cardinals”. 


In Rome, Swiss guards caught an imposter dressed as a cardinal who tried to join the conclave.

- I guess Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is already bored with his retirement.

- If he just hadn’t worn his secret pair of red shoes no one would have noticed!


Employees of Weight Watchers are complaining that about their wages. 

- Apparently, they’re not happy about the number they see on the Pay Scale. 


An Indian man posted a photo of his tattoo of the Netflix logo on Twitter, and Netflix gave him a free year’s subscription. 

- Kinda like when Anthony Weiner posted pix of his nether regions on Twitter…and got a free supply of Exxxtends for men. 


ABC News reported on a man in Florida who has a collection of over 2 thousand dolls. 

- There’s a guy in California named “Hugh” something who collects dolls as well, but his are alive and contain a lot more plastic. 


President Obama’s older half-brother Malik Obama want to become President of Kenya. 

- Donald Trump immediately demanded to see his Kenyan Birth Certificate!


Demi Moore is asking Ashton Kucher to pay her alimony. 

- Of course she’ll have to keep paying Ashton’s parents Child Support. 


Have a good day (at least you know it’s going to better that Kwame’s) and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!