As part of Monica Conyers early release from prison it was required that she get a job…and she did! She’s working at the Metroshop Collision repair shop in Corktown answering phones. 

- Her boss says she’s doing great…except when gets mad at the customers, calls them “Shrek”, and hangs up on ‘em.

- A collision shop is a lot like the Detroit City Council. They promise you they’ll get something done in a week and it takes a month and comes in over budget.  


The U.S. will be represented at the Vatican for the installation ceremony for Pope Francis by Joe Biden. According to reports he doesn’t speak English.  

- And neither does the Pope.   

- Bill Clinton wanted to go to meet chicks, but declined when he found out the “College of Cardinals” isn’t Co-ed.  


Scientists say sex in space may be bad for your health.  

- Besides, it’s hard to fit two claw footed bathtubs inside the spaceship. 


McDonald’s is introducing an Egg McMuffin without a yolk.

- Luckily you can still get the Sat Fat you crave by ordering a large fry to go with it. 


Clint Eastwood was on hand for the wedding of his daughter Allison this weekend. 

- Clint got mad when he asked the groom, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” and the guy responded, “Heck…I got lucky with her on our first date!” 

- Clint then hit him over the head with a Magnum of Champagne. 


At the Gay & Lesbian awards, Madonna, while giving a prize to Anderson Cooper, protested the Boy Scouts’ ban on Gays by wearing a Boy Scout uniform.

- She’s a real trooper…she even wore her STD Merit Badge! 


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