What a great game! Superbowl LXVII - the first “Big Game” featuring two brothers as head coaches - came down to the last minute of play. When all was said and done, Baltimore pulled it out 34-31 over the 49er’s giving older brother John Harbaugh the win over his younger brother (and former U of M QB) Jim Harbaugh. 
I’ll admit I was pulling for Baltimore and here’s why: Years ago, I had an audition for an on-air radio job in San Francisco which the program director of the radio station gave me the old “thumbs down” on. A year later, I was offered a job in Baltimore, which I took. They fired me five weeks later, claiming I was “too wild for the town”. So I only made it about two hours in SF and a whole 5 weeks in Baltimore so I sort of, kind of, consider it a “hometown team”. 
As for the commericials… I was partial to the Jeep “Whole Again” spot featuring the voice of Oprah Winfrey and music that was stirring and perfect with “Band Of Brothers” feel to it. 
And then there was the Go Daddy commercial with a supermodel sloppy-kissing a certified nerd, that probably looked good on paper but was a little too much. Although I will say the star model, Bar Rafaeli was better on camera than she was on paper! 
If you had a favorite or one you thought was not-so-hot, click on the comment button above and let me know! 
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