Officials are investigating what caused the power outage during the Super Bowl. In what should have been a clue that something was wrong, the lights in the Superdome blew out twice during Beyonce’s halftime show rehearsals. 

- I guess she figured it’s harder to tell if you’re lip-syncing if the whole stadium is dark. 

- The reason the lights were out for 34 minutes was it took time to call the guy in India who told them how to fix it.  


John McCain was accused of racism for a joking Tweet that compared Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the monkey Iran allegedly sent into space. 

- Personally I think Mamoud looks more like a baboon’s butt…or a horse’s ass.  


A new study suggests that Neanderthals died out 15,000 years earlier than we thought. 

- But a small group of them still lives today…They’re known as “The Detroit City Council”. 


Using DNA, British archeologists confirmed that they found the bones of 15th century King Richard the III buried under a parking garage. 

- So it only took about six hundred years to find King Richard the III…which means we’ve got about 550 years left until they find Jimmy Hoffa! 


A family in Brazil says they found their pet tortoise that went missing 30 years ago alive in their home’s attic. 

- They say he ran away to join a “Turtles Tribute Band” but apparently never made it out of the house. 

- Talk about a shell-tered existance! 


“American Idol season 12 contestant Matthew Farmer admitted that he lied about being wounded by an IED in Afghanistan and that he has always had a problem telling the truth. 

- And we’re supposed to believe that? 

- The first clue that something was amiss came during his audition when his pants spontaneously caught on fire. 


Mike Tyson said that Lance Armstrong is “an awesome human being”. 

- Well if that endoresement doesn’t get his Tour de France medals reinstated I don’t know what will! 

- Boy that Tyson can really chew your ear off…literally.


On this day in 1901 the Loop-the-Loop centrifugal roller coaster was patented by Ed Prescot. 

- in 1902 his picture was featured on all bottles of Dramamine. 


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