Welcome to February and a frenetic new Podcast (#72). Today, Jackie and I are joined by former “Purtan’s Person” Jim Ochs. Jim did character voices on my show for years including my agent “Sol”, “White Fang”, and the King of Music Countdowns, “Casey Kasem”. 

Speaking of music…we talk about Barbra Streisand’s decision to perform on this year’s Oscars for the first time in 36 years. (Her assistant…I mean husband… James Brolin talked her into it), plus “Here Comes The Bride” - or in this case “The Grooms” - with Jim Nabors not-so-shocking announcement that he is gay and has married his partner of 38 years. Well Gooooolllllyyyy! 

Also on the relationship front…we touch on Ashley Judd’s impending divorce from race car driver Dino Franchitti (apparently she got tired of driving around in circles) and the man who pretended to be Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o’s fake-deceased-girlfriend who has now admitted that not only was she a he, but she/he fell hopelessly and romantically in love with Manti.  

I also reveal who I’m pulling for in Sunday’s “Harbaugh Brother’s Super Bowl of Sibling Rivalry”…and why I have a special affinity for six specific NFL teams. 

We also talk about Chicken Wing Sauce, what quitting smoking by age 44 can mean to your lifespan, and I’ll tell you about a guy who stole a pick-up truck to try and stop his ex-girlfriend’s wedding to another guy. (If it sounds like a movie…it probably will be and we’ll tell you which actresses we think should play the female lead!) 

So kiss January goodbye and forge into February with Podcast #72. Like the movie “Ground Hog Day”, you can listen to it over and over and over…

Have a great weekend and Go _______’s!  (You have to listen to fill in the blank!)


Purtan Podcast #72