The Pope’s sudden announcement that he is stepping down at the end of February has left Catholics and just about everyone else in shock. 

- On the day of his departure, everyone at the Vatican will be treated to a farewell breakfast featuring “Eggs Benedict”.

 - Word is he’s going to write a tell-all…fortunately, it’ll be in Latin so no one has to worry what he’s “telling all” about.   

- He’s been tapped to host a new reality singing show: “American’s Who Don’t Worship False Idols”. 

- Those who upset about his resignation are referring to him as: “Pope Benedict Arnold”. 


President Obama gives his State of the Union Address tonight. 

-  In order to reach out to weapon-owning Americans, the speech will open with a 21-gun salute. 

- Obama is said to be nervous about the speech, but is “thrilled” that Beyonce will be singing during half-time between the President’s address and the Republican re-buttal. 


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is bragging that he wants to test a nuclear missile - and will aim it directly at America. 

- Given his track record with missile launches, the boosters will be filled with rocket fuel and thousands of Viagra tablets. 


Today is Abe Lincoln’s birthday. 

- If he were alive today, I’ll bet his wife Mary Todd would treat him to dinner and tickets to a broadway show. 

- Who knew he was born on Paczki Day in 1809? 


A poll shows that a majority of Americans are against drone attacks on U.S. Soil. 

- Unless they’re aimed at Kim Kardashian’s house. 


Frozen food manufacturer Findus recalled Lasagna in the UK after it was found to contain a significant amount of horsemeat. 

- People are also suspicious of their “Filly Mignon”. 


Witnesses told that they saw Chris Brown and Rihanna smoking weed together in a club after the Grammy’s. 

- It’s nice to seem him “take a hit” on something other than Rhianna. 


On this day in 1964 the Beatles performed in New York City’s Carnagie Hall. 

- The audience liked them, but said when it came to long-haired music, they would have preferred Beethoven. 


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