Pope Benedict has stunned the world and even his closest advisors by announcing that he will step down as Pope on February 28. The 85-year-old Pontiff said doesn’t have the physical strengh to carry out is duties. He’s the first Pope to voluntarily step down in 600 years. 

- You can’t blame him…he did wear a lot of heavy hats!

- The Pope said he will spend his retirement following his favorite baseball team…the Cardinals. 

- Picking a new Pope is a lot like watching Woody Harrelson’s house. You just wait until a lot of white smoke comes out of the chimney. 


Last night Grammy’s featured a lot of boobage, despite the fact that CBS has warned perfomers to wear clothing that covered up their “Genitals, butts and breasts”.

- The two rule breakers were Katy Perry’s Cleavage-Festival Green gown and the even more buxom…Elton John’s Man-Boobs. 


Beyonce shocked Red Carpet Critics when she showed up in a black and white top and black stretch pants clinging to her ample rear end.  

- She was going to borrow the strech pants from Kim Kardashian, but the tailor said it would have taken weeks to have the butt area taken-in.  


The best “Rap Performance” Grammy went to Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z, and Kanye West for “N— as in Paris”.

- How far we’ve come from “April in Paris”. 

- In an eerily familar move, Kanye jumped up on stage and announced that “Beyonce’s husband had the greatest video of all time!”


The “Best Dancing Recording” award went to Skillex featuring Sirah for their hit “Bangarang”.

- Wasn’t that Bill Clinton’s campaign theme song? 


The second family in a week has come forward claiming that Donald Duck didn’t hug their child at Disneyland because they’re black. 

- Maybe he was afraid of a sexual harrassment suit since, let’s face it, the guy doesn’t wear pants! 


Brown University announced that the student health insurance plan would now cover sex change operations. 

- Let’s just hope the kids who take advantage of it live in a Co-Ed dorm. 

- The new policy is known as “Really Changing Your Major”. 

- One parent was excited saying, “I never got letters from my son…but daughters are so much better at staying in touch!” 

- You won’t know who had the operations until graduation day when students wear nothing under their robes.  


On this day in 1554 Lady Jane Grey was beheaded after being Queen of England for only nine days. 

- Apparently she didn’t listen to Anne Boleyn who told her never to tell the King that she was “Head over heals” in love with him!  


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