Welcome to a cold and snowy weekend! But fear not…Jackie, former “Purtan’s Person”, Joe Noune and I are here to warm your cockles (unless of course you’ve had them removed) with Podcast #71. 

Right out of the box - or in this case, the carton - we ponder why it is that when Jackie lived in NYC, Chinese food was always delivered by a Japanese guy and Japanese food by a Mexican guy, etc… etc… 

Jackie knows a lot about the Big Apple… Before joining my show here in Detroit in 2002, she worked with a male morning radio show team in New York City. She explains how she not only served as “sidekick” but psychiatrist to one of the guys - who got mad and decided not only to pout, but not talk on-the-air. For weeks. (That doesn’t really work on the radio!)

There’s also the story about her radio staion’s building’s doorman, a Wall Street Journal Paper Boy and a dark lobby. (Yup…there are some things that “can only happen in New York”).

On a musical note, I tell you which artist (in my humble opinion) had the greatest hit songs from the 70’s up to the current day. (It wasn’t Minnie Ripperton… “Looooovvvvvvvviiiiiiinngggg Yooouuuu” Just shoot me now!). 

We also give our opinions on who should play Lance Armstrong in an upcoming movie about him and his doping scandal. (I’ve heard the Eagles are doing the musical theme of the movie: “You Can’t Hide Those Lying Thighs”). And somehow cycling leads up to Joe’s head-over-heels stint as a not-so-great newspaper delivery boy. 

And speaking of things that delivered…I’ll tell you about a vintage one-hour special starring John Candy and Eugene Levy of the fabulously funny SCTV that makes SNL seem like a high school talent show. Then we wrap it all up with some personal stories about my late-great writer/producer Gene Taylor. 

So thaw out your hands enough to click on the link, and warm up with Podcast #71! 

Have a great weekend!


Purtan Podcast #71  (31:05)


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