Peter Robbins, who as a child actor was the voice of Charlie Brown in clasic specials including “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, was arrested on five felony charges, including stalking and making a death threat. 

- He’ll have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but will have to wait until “The Doctor Is In”. 

- I guess Lucy moved that football just one too many times. 

- In his adult years, Robbins tried his luck as a rapper going under the name “Snoopy Dogg” 


The new expose of Scientology, “Going Clear,” is #4 on Amazon’s best-seller list, but a Scientology spokeswoman insists that all the stories ex-members tell in the book are lies.

- Tom Cruise is said to be so mad at the former members that he’s jumping up and down on his own couch.

- The spokeswoman insisted that Scientology is a real religion and added, “Manti Te’o’s girlfriend is real!”


Southwest Airlines is introducing a $40 “Early Boarding Fee”. 

- They’re not going to make any money since the plane is never there on time, so there’s no way you can board early. 

- Next up: “The Uncle Ed Fee” where passengers have to kick in 5 bucks to pay for the plane’s oil change every 5000 miles. 


Japan’s 72-year-old prime minister Tara Aso has caused quite a stir during a panel to discuss Social Security. He called the elderly who can’t feed themselves “tube people”. Aso added that old people should be allowed to “hurry up and die” so the government doesn’t have to pay their medical expenses. 

- So basically Tara Aso is…well…an Aso. 

- He added that many of the elderly want to die, or so his Great Grand Tube Person told him when he was a child.


President Obama’s mother-in-law will continue to live in the White House during his second term.

- The Prez is starting to think the whole “hurry up and die” concept might work well here too.


Aretha Franklin defended Beyonce for lip-syncing the Inaugural National Anthem, saying that next time, she’d probably do that herself. 

- Aretha may lip-sync like Beyonce, but there’s not a chance in Hell Beyonce’s going to wear an inaugural hat like Aretha Franklin. 


The White House is valued at $294.9 million. 

- How much you wanna bet if the White House was put on the market, Bill Clinton’s bedroom would be listed as “Previously Enjoyed”? 


On this day in 1848 the California Gold Rush began when gold ws discovered on land owned by John Sutter. 

- I thought gold was discovered by William Devane.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday with an all new Podcast (#71). 



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