Despite heading for a high in the fifties tomorrow, today’s inclement weather has led to a whole slew of school and other closings… Here’s a partial list: 


- The “Airport Landing Strip and Sip” is open….although runway dancers are delayed due to icing. 

- “Eat, Drink & Meet Mary” is closed. (Apparently Mary slid into a ditch on her way in to work).

- Centerline’s “Chug ‘n Hurl” is closed. The driveway isn’t plowed…but the guy who runs the snowblower is. 

- Tony’s “Bottom’s Up Beer and Bowl” is open…but the two left lanes are closed. 

- Pedro’s Mexican Cantina is open…but all Margarhetta Salt has been diverted to the parking lot. 

- “The Booby Trap” is open, but dancers are dancing on main poles only. 

Other Closings/Delays

- The “We’re Always Open Mini-Mart” is closed because the staff is stuck in traffic - but the manager wants to remind you that when he does arrive, he will not have a key to the safe. 

- “St. Agnostic’s High” is closed - unless you choose to believe otherwise. 

- The “Conquer Your Fear Of Driving In The Snow & Ice” self-help group has been cancelled until Spring. 

- All Michigan Secretary of States Offices are open and running with their usual three hour delay. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here (with temps in the 50’s!) Tuesday!